Update regarding upcoming listings in June

The team has been following the price action on the markets these past weeks and an expected rally up from our price at 30 did not occur.

We ran a billboard campaign and are still running a campaign in one of the most prestigious malls of the Netherlands ($10,000) The Certik audit ($13,000) was completed. Sadly these great initiatives are doing us no good pricewise and more importantly, holderwise, at the moment.

The thing we expected the most from and a major milestone for Froge – the Hotbit listing tomorrow – also isn’t causing a rally. Neither did the Bilaxy listing last week.

This is why the team is making a strategic decision, and that is to postpone the promised listings until the Froge price is at least 30 again. We feel it is wasted on the market to do these launches now. We want these launches to bring in more EcoDeFi holders.

We will focus on community and mouth-to-mouth promotion for the moment, and we encourage everyone to help the team out. WE ARE FROGE 🐸

⭐️ THE SUMMER OF FROGE DOESN’T STOP: we are merely postponing the listings to wait for a better market. FROGE CANNOT BE STOPPED ⭐️

In the meanwhile, we are working on great initiatives:
⭐️ We are in continued talks with Cool Earth about a partnership
⭐️ Tameki just set up a Japanese Telegram for us (already 25 members). The Japanese community has been a key to RedPanda’s recent success
⭐️ Europeancat will set up a Dutch Telegram for us, and I will arrange for a European Froge holders meetup!
⭐️ Unitrade will soon update the bridge contract, resulting in a 580 billion burn on the BSC side (date: to be announced). This will result in a big redistribution on the BSC side!
⭐️ We are working on a CMC airdrop on the BSC side, which will get us on their newsletter and has proven to get in thousands of holders
⭐️ We are currently in talks with people who have worked with Vitalik Buterin. Their ideas and connections might be very interesting!
⭐️ We have new editors for froge.community
⭐️ The new website should soon go online
⭐️ We are perfecting the Frogdanoff bot with @MaverickHP from Healing Potion, giving more power to community promotion
⭐️ And a lot more!