Originally posted on May 7th 2021

We have some very cool announcements to make today!

1. NFT Masterplan step one – setting up an NFT Marketplace “PandaFroge”

As some of you might know, FROGE has a very good working relationship with RedPanda. Akuma is a team member here but also a developer at RedPanda. As such we know the people behind this charity are trustworthy and full of energy. As you know from the Roadmap on our website, the team at FROGE has been working on an NFT masterplan.

The first step in this is the announcement of an NFT Marketplace called PandaFroge, that will at first be a home to the NFT collections of FROGE and RedPanda! This is however, only the beginning. 

PandaFroge will be a home for NFT’s of all charity tokens that have proven to have been reputable (ie. have longevity, a roadmap, and things like locked liquidity or an audit). The proceeds will of course go to charity as well. More details will be released as development continues!

2. Community is working on a set of FROGE games

We are happy to announce a community team is working on a set of FROGE games, and we can provide a first teaser under this message! Go flappy FROGE!

3. FROGE Silver Project

We will soon start minting our own silver FROGE coins, more details will follow this week…

4. Putting up the translations on the website

This has been more work than we expected, and it is still a work in progress. We can soon put them online though. We will soon have translations online in all major European languages and Chinese!

Good night and good morning friends! ❤️