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21 Apr 2021


27 Apr 2021

4 Great Tips On How to Buy FROGE

1. Simply press ‘Trade’ on Dextools Why trade on Uniswap the hard way while you can do it the easy way? Just
27 Apr 2021


Our community is the absolute greatest and is proving that day by day. @Doctor_O has programmed a FROGE dashboard where you can

We're revolutionizing DeFi Crypto

No dev/core team profit mechanisms - NO RUG

Q: So how does the froge community afford to have nice things like this site and marketing campaigns? 

A: Volunteers for the "work", and sometimes donations from its many holders.

Mass Appeal

Beauty in simplicity - the charity aspect makes our coin very attractive to 99.9% of people. 

CoolEarth helps governments around the world make decisions which will NOT result in deforestation.  They are essentially a habitat preservation lobby!  Yes, THIS EXISTS! 

What's more, the Froge smart contract is tied directly to their crypto wallet. YES, there is NO ONE who can possibly tamper with the donations, except CoolEarth themselves.  It is baked in to Froge's smart contract, therefore it is immutable and set in stone this way FOREVER.

Attractive Supply Distribution

Simply put, there's no whales.  Have a look at the holders yourself. link to etherscan

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Froge's Genesis Clusters

Volunteer workgroups that keep us moving

  • Social Media Cluster

    Keeps us rallied and informed. Develops strategies and materials. They tend to make a lot of graphics!

  • Marketing Cluster

    More generalized than the social media cluster.

  • Legal Cluster

    Exactly what it sounds like.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

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