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Dear Froggers and Frogettes, man and lady frogs,

The team is proud to announce that we now have an ETA for FROGESWAP: MAY 14TH

On May 14th you will be able to bridge tokens from the Ethereum network to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) using FROGESWAP!


The tokenomics on the BSC will be more or less the same as on the Ethereum network. Every transaction (buy and sell) the following will happen:

– 0,1% will be donated to the fiduciary BSC wallet for donations

– 1% is redistributed between all of the holders of the BSC FROGE

– 1% will go to the dev/marketing wallet

0,1% will be donated. Basically the same as with FROGE on the Ethereum network, but with some important differences. On the Ethereum network, donations are donated directly to Cool Earth. This is not possible on the BSC network so payments need to go to a fiduciary wallet first. The team is still contemplating whether we should donate the 0,1% to Cool Earth or to another charity that fights deforestation. We are a community token, please make your voice heard what you think about this – should we donate more to Cool Earth or seek more rainforest alliances (or both?)? 

1% will go to the dev/marketing wallet. FROGE is the fairest token out there. It launched without a marketing wallet and everything we have done to get to this point (a lot!!!) has been crowdfunded by the community. We as a token need funds to go further press the token to the world. How more we can develop the token, how more people we can reach, means more impact in the battle against deforestation and global warming. The 1% will be used to finance future listings, such as the ones we are contemplating right now. When we launch on PancakeSwap, we immediately want to go for another listing. We have some ideas but we welcome discussion on which (big) listing is next!


FROGESWAP has been completely financed by the team for 8,500 USD. To deploy it and list on Pancakeswap we still need liquidity. We are aiming for 30,000 USD in liquidity.

The liquidity will consist of $ 10,000 USD in FROGE for FROGESWAP

We will need an additional $ 20,000 USD in ETH/BNB for listing on (the big one!) PancakeSwap

If we can list on PancakeSwap we can more than double the exposure of FROGE as PancakeSwap has recently overtaken Uniswap in daily volume (1 BN v 2 BN daily volume per day)! Thats the equivalent of a top 10 listing!

We are now looking to the community to finance the liquidity. This will not be a (pure) donation however, as with the new dev/marketing wallet (as explained above) we can pay every single donor back out of trading after the listing! So you have certainty that your funds will be repaid to you in full!

We have already talked this over with some major whales and so far we they have pledged around $ 10,000 in FROGE and ETH to make the listing happen. If you want to donate and contribute to making FROGE the greatest token in the world, send funds to the teams multi-sig wallet: 

IN ETHEREUM AND FROGE: 0xc3154Eb6ebb44913E8b32C27725083189D5C0463

IN BNB: 0x17001f4d5BEF12b623d9d7392431E57944Adc9c2 

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ FROM THE CORE TEAM