The FROGE team is proud to announce the FROGE Binance Smart Chain smart contract has been deployed and FROGESWAP is now live. 🥂 It is now possible to bridge FROGE from the Ethereum contract to the Binance Smart Chain contract and to buy FROGE on PancakeSwap. 🐸

FROGESWAP is live at this link:

We had an extremely successful launch yesterday, with thousands of new holders coming in. In one day (!) our holder count has increased by 2,000 and there is no end in sight. We had no choice but to implement a slow chat tonight.

Important information about the bridge and the FROGE BSC tokenomics can be found here: The BSC tokenomics follow the Ethereum tokenomics with one important exception: the 1% burn is replaced on BSC with 1% going to a dev wallet.

We are very happy with this small change on BSC, because this 1% will allow the team to repay the loans by the community, apply for listings, and fund marketing. We really think this 1% wallet can fuel our mission to making ecodefi big.

As said, you can now buy FROGE with BNB (or any other BEP-20 token) on For the moment you will need to enter the right BSC contract address to buy FROGE on BSC. The right address is:


Please be very careful and use the right address. There are a lot of people out there that maliciously try to give out the wrong address to trade FROGE.

The charts on the BSC side are now active on Dextools as well. For the charts please refer to:

Using FROGESWAP (the BSC bridge) or buying on PancakeSwap can be complicated sometimes. If you have any problems just let us know in the chat ( and we will try to help you.