Best Froge Quotes Of All Time

Money dont mean a thing if the planet dies. Froge is the safest store of wealth 

 Mr Anderson

If we eat another zero during next 24 hours, im buying vw beetle, putting froge stickers on all of the car and live somewhere in city centre!


Do you dare to compare Doge with Froge? Doge is a useless coin. Keep this in mind. Doge wouldn’t increase without Elon Musk. Don’t compare Doge with Froge again.

Ali Kah

I want a hoodie. I’m trying to buy more sir


He might have made 100k profit but comparing to what Froge is going to be, he’s only gotten the candy wrapper, no candy!

Alex Zhu

This is only the beginning my friends, seeing what Doge has done shows us what’s possible, and most importantly what a great community is able to achieve together!

Alex Zhu

Hodling until we actually moon to a 9 fig market cap. It will happen. It’s all about Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. Took Safemoon and Hoge about a month to five weeks to hit their peaks, with the moonshot starting 4 weeks or so after getting listed. We’ve got time…


The world will end if you sell


people won’t just die my friend, they will die in horrible unthinkable ways if they don’t fight climate change (one way to do this is to buy froge and make money for youself and cool earth). i mean imagine a world with no trees at all and tons of polluted water where people just float on garbage getting sunburns.


literally just:  “$FROGE, rainforests.  *drops mic*”


Roses are red,  violets are blue, Froges are green and eat zeros too!

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