Dear Froggers and Frogelettes,

The market is steadily recovering at the moment, and so is the FROGE price. This is the time to get out there and promote our ecodefi FROGE. We have some marketing initiatives lined up that we are pushing for to launch, such as a new /biz/ ad campaign. If market sentiment stays green I will push for the billboard campaign to launch as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile the team (and Unitrade) have been working on many things, such as improving the FROGESWAP compatibility with other wallets than Metamask, updating our information on BSCscan, the Certik audit, the NFT platform, and maybe most importantly, additional listings.

The market is recovering and FROGE is going for it’s next big leap. Stay strong, buy more (at these extraordinarily low prices) and never forget: We hodl, we win. The game is easy. 🌍🤗