4 Great Tips On How to Buy FROGE

1. Simply press ‘Trade’ on Dextools

Why trade on Uniswap the hard way while you can do it the easy way? Just go to the Dextools chart page (http://bit.ly/frogedex) and click ‘Trade’. Doing so will automatically link you through to the Uniswap buying interface and allow you to swap Ethereum for FROGE (and the other way around)!

Don’t forget to insert the right amount of slippage or the transaction will bounce. 3% slippage is needed to trade FROGE. In times of high volume you might want to use a higher amount of slippage!

2. Buy on WhiteBit (no gas fees!)

The Ethereum gas fees (GWEI) have recently been very high, although they are now on the cheap side. An alternative to buying on Uniswap is buying on WhiteBIT. FROGE listed on WhiteBIT April 8th and volume on there has been increasing day by day. 

A downside to buying on WhiteBIT is that you won’t receive passive income from holding there – a problem that can be mitigated by transferring your WhiteBIT FROGE to a Uniswap wallet! You will incur the 2,1% tax on every transaction by transferring between wallets, so please keep that in mind.

3. Buy on PancakeSwap in three weeks (danger: you might miss out on the big gains prior to the listing!!)

The FROGE team is working on FROGESWAP, a BSC bridge that will allow FROGE holders on Uniswap to exchange their tokens for a BSC equivalent. When this bridge is finished, the team will list on PancakeSwap, opening FROGE up to the massive volume on PancakeSwap (PancakeSwap has recently overtaken Uniswap in daily volume!).

The gas fees on the BSC network are extremely low in comparison to those on the Ethereum network. That is why buying on BSC could be smart for investors who can only invest a small amount and don’t want to see much of it wasted on gas fees. FROGE buyers on BSC will receive passive income like holders on the Ethereum network!

4. HODL your FROGE

As you know, simply hodling your FROGE gives you passive income; every transaction on Uniswap redistributes 1% of the the transaction amount between the holders. 1% of the transaction amount is burned so that there is an increasing deflationary pressure on the price. Since launch 75 billion FROGE have been sent to the burn address!

If you just HODL you might not have to buy more, you can just watch your FROGE tokens airdrop into your wallet on a day-to-day basis!